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PROBE RECORDS - LP DISCOGRAPHY - 1969 to 1974 (UK Releases)

PROBE RECORDS - LP DISCOGRAPHY - 1969 to 1974 (UK Releases)
(They were on ABC/Dunhill Records in the USA)
Compiled June 2008 – March 2009 by MARK BARRY - Posted March 2009 (updated 2012/2013)

The 1st list is in NUMERICAL order; the 2nd in ARTIST NAME order.
SPB in the catalogue number is always a single sleeve, SPBA a Gatefold.
Those albums I've been unable to find - despite extensive searches - are listed as NOT YET TRACED – most are probably unreleased or even numbers allocated to Euro issues.

Release dates taken from EMI 1970/1971/1972/1973 and 1974 catalogues (who distributed Probe).


1. SPB 1001 – The Mystic Number National Bank by THE MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK
(November 1969)
2. SPB 1002 – The Soft Machine, Volume 2 by SOFT MACHINE (November 1969)
3. SPB 1003 – The Love Song Of A. Wilbur Meshel by BILLY MESHEL (November 1969)
4. SPB 1004 – Emerge by THE LITTER (February 1970)
5. SPB 1005 – Over The Hills/The Bastich by SAINT STEVEN
[aka ST. STEVEN] (February 1970)
6. SPB 1006 – Zephyr by ZEPHYR [feat Tommy Bolin] (May 1970)
7. SPB 1007 – Here To There by FRUMMOX (June 1970)
8. SPB 1008 – Reincarnation by FAT CITY (June 1970)
9. SPB 1009 – The Seven Deadly Sins by PLUS (August 1970)
10. SPB 1010 - White Hot Soul by DICK JENSEN (December 1970)
12. SPB 1012 – Bush by BUSH (November 1970)
13. SPB 1013/14 (2LP set)
A Gathering Of Flowers: The Anthology of... by THE MAMA’S & THE PAPA’S (November 1970)
14. SPB 1015 - Love Country Style by RAY CHARLES (November 1970)
15. SPB 1016 – If You Miss ‘Im…I Got ‘Im by JOHN LEE HOOKER and EARL HOOKER (December 1970)
16. SPB 1017 – The Song Of Norway O.S.T. by ANDREW L. STONE (January 1971)
18. SPB 1019 – Deaf Dumb Blind by PHARAOH SANDERS (April 1971)
(Re-issued mid 70’s as “Summun Bukmun Umyun”)
19. SPB 1020 – Mama’s Big Ones – Mama Cass: Her Greatest Hits by MAMA CASS (ELLIOTT) (February 1971)
20. SPB 1021 – We Can Make Music by TOMMY ROE (February 1971)
21. SPB 1022 – A Time To Remember – ARTIE KORNFELD TREE (March 1971)
23. SPB 1024 – Gulf Coast Bound by BLUES MAGOOS (March 1971)
24. SPB 1025 - Afro-Blue by JOHN COLTRANE (April 1971)
[Consists of recordings from 1961, 1963, 1965 and 1966]
25. SPB 1026 – Zachariah O.S.T. by VARIOUS ARTISTS [Soundtrack] (March 1971)
26. SPB 1027 – The Last Valley O.S.T. by JOHN BARRY (May 1971)
28. SPB 1029 – Watcha Gonna Do by DENNY DOHERTY [of The Mama’s & The Papa’s] (April 1971)
29. SPB 1030 – Daniel Moore by DANIEL MOORE (May 1971)
30. SPB 1031 - Handbags & Gladrags by JIMMY WITHERSPOON (May 1971)
31. SPB 1032 - Live In Cook County Jail by B.B. KING (June 1971)
32. SPB 1033 – Steppenwolf Gold – Their Great Hits by STEPPENWOLF (June 1971)
33. SPB 1034 - Endless Boogie by JOHN LEE HOOKER (June 1971)
(featuring Steve Miller, Jesse Davis and others)
34. SPB 1035 – Golden Biscuits by THREE DOG NIGHT (June 1971)
(called “Golden Bisquits” in the USA - it’s a 7” singles compilation)
36. SPB 1037 – The Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra by CHARLIE HADEN (Jazz Arrangements by CARLA BLEY) (June 1971)
37. SPB 1038 - Thirds by THE JAMES GANG [feat Joe Walsh] (July 1971)
38. SPB 1039 - Volcanic Action Of My Soul by RAY CHARLES (July 1971)
39. SPB 1040 – Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds by HAMILTON, JOE FRANKS & REYNOLDS (October 1971)
(Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo & Tommy Reynolds)
40. SPB 1041 - In London by B.B. KING (November 1971)
41. SPB 1042 - Find The Sun by CROWFOOT (November 1971)
43. SPB 1044 – Best Of The Tams by THE TAMS (December 1971)
44. SPB 1045 - Live In Concert by THE JAMES GANG (December 1971)
45. SPB 1046 – Beginnings by TOMMY ROE (February 1972)
46. SPB 1047 - Harmony by THREE DOG NIGHT (December 1971)
47. SPB 1048 - People Like Us by THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS (December 1971)
49. SPB 1050 - Hallway Symphony by HAMILTON, JOE FRANK & REYNOLDS (April 1972)
50. SPB 1051 - L.A. Midnight by B.B. KING (April 1972)
51. SPB 1052 - Cabaret O.S.T. feat LIZA MINNELLI/JOHN KANDER (May 1972)
52. SPB 1053 - Sunshower by THELMA HOUSTON
(re-issue of her 1969 LP on Stateside SSL 5010 - also called “Sunshower”) (June 1972)
53. SPB 1054 – Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes by JOHN KAY [of STEPPENWOLF] (July 1972)
54. SPB 1055 - Applause by ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST [feat LAUREN BACALL] (September 1972)
55. SPB 1056 - Straight Shooter by THE JAMES GANG (July 1972)
56. SPB 1057 - Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive by JOHN LEE HOOKER
(Featuring Van Morrison) (August 1972)
57. SPB 1058 – Move Along by THE GRASS ROOTS (aka GRASSROOTS) (1972)
58. SPB 1059 – Rest In Peace by STEPPENWOLF [Compilation, 1967 to 1970] (August 1972)
59. SPB 1060 - A Message From The People by RAY CHARLES (September 1972)
60. SPB 1061 – Soul Bible Chapter One by VARIOUS ARTISTS (October 1972)
61. SPB 1062 – Can’t Buy A Thrill by STEELY DAN (January 1973, USA Sept/72)
62. SPB 1063 - Guess Who by B.B. KING (October 1972)
63. SPB 1064 – Keeper Of The Castle by THE FOUR TOPS (November 1972)
64. SPB 1065 - Passin’ Thru by THE JAMES GANG (January 1973)
65. SPB 1066 - Through The Eyes Of Love by RAY CHARLES (February 1973)
66. SPB 1067 – Nolan by NOLAN PORTER (February 1973)
67. SPB 1068 - Reunion by JOHN HENRY KURTZ (February 1973)
68. SPB 1069 – B.B. King’s Greatest Hits OR The Best Of B.B. King by B.B. KING (April 1973)
69. SPB 1070 – The Best of The James Gang featuring Joe Walsh by THE JAMES GANG and JOE WALSH (April 1973)
70. SPB 1071 – Sixteen Greatest Hits by STEPPENWOLF (April 1973)
71. SPB 1072 - Two Sides Of “Crash” by BILLY “CRASH” CRADDOCK (April 1973)
72. SPB 1073 – True, True Lovin’ by FERLIN HUSKY (April 1973)
73. SPB 1074 – Thomas Jefferson Kaye by THOMAS JEFFERSON KAYE
(Featuring Becker & Fagen of Steely Dan with Rick Derringer, July 1973)
74. SPB 1075 - His Greatest Performances by RICHARD HARRIS (August 1973)
75. SPB 1076 - Looking For A Smile by GLADSTONE (August 1973)
76. SPB 1077 – Shaft In Africa O.S.T. by THE FOUR TOPS (October 1973)
77. SPB 1078 – A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean by JIMMY BUFFETT (November 1973)
78. SPB 1079 – Countdown To Ecstasy by STEELY DAN (September 1973)
82. SPB 1083 - To Know You Is To Love You by B.B. KING (December 1973)
83. SPB 1084 - Through All Times by CHUCK JACKSON (January 1974)
85. SPB 1086 – Out Here On My Own by LAMONT DOZIER (May 1974)
86. SPB 1087 - John Verity Band by JOHN VERITY BAND (March 1974)
87. SPB 1088 – His California Album by BOBBY ‘BLUE’ BLAND (May 1974)

1. SPBA 6251 - It Ain’t Easy by THREE DOG NIGHT (October 1970)
2. SPBA 6252 – Freedom by FREEDOM (October 1970)
3. SPBA 6253 – James Gang Rides Again by JAMES GANG [feat Joe Walsh] (October 1970)
4. SPBA 6254 - Steppenwolf 7 by STEPPENWOLF (October 1970)
5. SPBA 6255 - Indianola Mississippi Seeds by BB. KING (October 1970)
6. SPBA 6256 – Emitt Rhodes by EMITT RHODES (February 1971)
7. SPBA 6257 – Naturally by THREE DOG NIGHT (March 1971)
8. SPBA 6258 – Lancelot Link & The Evolution-Revolution By LANCELOT LINK and the EVOLUTION-REVOLUTION (February 1971)
9. SPBA 6259 - Dave Mason & Cass Elliott by DAVE MASON/CASS ELLIOTT (May 1971)
10. SPBA 6260 - For Ladies Only by STEPPENWOLF (November 1971)
11. SPBA 6261 – Gayle McCormick by GAYLE McCORMICK (January 1972)
12. SPBA 6262 – Mirror by EMITT RHODES (December 1971)
13. SPBA 6263 – My Boy by RICHARD HARRIS (March 1972)
14. SPBA 6264 – Gladstone by GLADSTONE (July 1972)
15. SPBA 6265 - Bags & Things by DENNIS LAMBERT (August 1972)
16. SPBA 6266 – Farewell To Paradise by EMITT RHODES (1972)
17. SPBA 6267 – Birtha by BIRTHA (October 1972)
18. SPBA 6268 – Barnstorm by JOE WALSH (November 1972)
19. SPBA 6269 - Slides by RICHARD HARRIS (March 1973)
20. SPBA 6270 – A Song Or Two by CASHMAN & WEST [Terry Cashman & Tommy West] (February 1972)
22. SPBA 6272 - Can’t Stop The Madness by BIRTHA (June 1973)
23. SPBA 6273 – A Song For Every Mood by WILLIAM SAINT JAMES (July ‘73)
24. SPBA 6274 – My Sportin’ Life by JOHN KAY [of STEPPENWOLF] (July 1973)
25. SPBA 6275 – The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get by JOE WALSH (August 73)
26. SPBA 6276 – Moondog Serenade by CASHMAN & WEST (September 1973)
(feats JEFF “SKUNK” BAXTER of STEELY DAN & Jimmie Haskell]
27. SPBA 6277 – Main Street People by THE FOUR TOPS (November 1973)
28. SPBA 6278 - Cyan by THREE DOG NIGHT (December 1973)
32. SPBA 6282 – Pretzel Logic by STEELY DAN (March 1974)
33. SPBA 6283 – Meeting Of The Minds by THE FOUR TOPS (July 1974)

The Probe "Goldie 33" Series has GTSP catalogue numbers
and were all specially-priced 2LP sets

1. GTSP 200 - 20 Golden Hits by THE MAMAS & PAPAS (May 1973)
2. GTSP 201 – His Early Years With The Impressions by
3. GTSP 202 – Moods Of Love by RAY CHARLES SINGERS (June 1973)
4. GTSP 203 – From Broadway To Paris by
5. GTSP 204 – Soft Machine Volume 1 & 2 by SOFT MACHINE
(2LP re-Issue of their 1st and 2nd albums from 1968 and 1969
Volume One never received an original UK release – it was US-only) (June 1973)
6. GTSP 205 - Twenty Incredible Performances by FRANKIE LAINE (May 1974)

(PBSP series were all specially priced 2LP sets)
7. PBSP 108 – All Time Great Country & Western Hits by RAY CHARLES
[Re-Issue of 1960’s Tracks]
12. PBSP 113 – Around The World With Three Dog Night by THREE DOG NIGHT (2LP Live Set) (May 1973)
13. PBSP 114 – Two Gentlemen Of Verona – A Grand New Musical
Original Broadway Cast with GALT MacDERMOTT (June 1973)

14. SPSS 1 – Handle With Care by VARIOUS ARTISTS
(A budget-priced label sampler - featured groups are: Steppenwolf, Freedom, Bush, James Gang, B.B. King & Three Dog Night - 2 tracks each) (October 1970)

15. SPTC 1 – Seven Separate Fools by THREE DOG NIGHT
(Single LP with Specialist Packaging; It had an Envelope Sleeve, An Inner Sleeve & 7 Separate Insert Cards) (October 1972)

16. MFP 50046 – Spirit Of Rock – The Probe Family Sampler
(Probe/MFP Budget Label Compilation)

(SPB is a single sleeve, SPBA is a gatefold)

1. LAUREN BACALL – Applause (Original Broadway Cast) (1972, Probe SPB 1055)
JOHN BARRY – see Original Soundtrack
2. COUNT BASIE and BENNY GOODMAN – From Broadway To Paris (2LP set, 1973, Probe GTSP 203)
3. BIRTHA - Birtha (1972, Probe SPBA 6267)
4. BIRTHA – Can’t Stop The Madness (June 1973, Probe SPBA 6272)
5. BOBBY ‘BLUE’ BLAND - His California Album (October 1973, Probe SPB 1088)
6. BLUES MAGOOS – Gulf Coast Bound (1970, Probe SPB 1024)
7. JIMMY BUFFETT – A White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean (1973, Probe SPB 1078)
8. BUSH – Bush (1970, Probe SPB 1012)
9. CASHMAN & WEST - A Song Or Two (October 1972, Probe SPBA 6270)
10. CASHMAN & WEST - Moondog Serenade (1973, Probe SPBA 6276)
11. RAY CHARLES – A Message From The People (Sept 1972, Probe SPB 1060)
12. RAY CHARLES – All The Country & Western Hits (1971, Probe PBSP 108)
13. RAY CHARLES – Love Country Style (1970, Probe SPB 1015)
14. RAY CHARLES - Through The Eyes Of Love (Feb 1973, Probe SPB 1066)
15. RAY CHARLES - Volcanic Action Of My Soul (1971, Probe SPB 1039)
16. RAY CHARLES SINGERS - Moods Of Love (2LP set, 1973, Probe GTSP 202)
17. JOHN COLTRANE - Afro-Blue (1972, Probe SPB 1025) (1960s Recordings)
18. BILLY ‘CRASH’ CRADDOCK - Two Sides Of Crash (1973, Probe SPB 1072)
19. CROWFOOT – Find The Sun (1971, Probe SPB 1042)
20.DENNY DOHERTY [of The Mama's & The Papa's] - Watcha Gonna Do (1971, Probe SPB 1029)
LAMONT DOZIER - Out Here On My Own (1973, Probe SPB 1086)
21. MAMA CASS [ELLIOTT] – Mama’s Big Ones (1971, Probe SPB 1020)
22. FAT CITY – Reincarnation (1969, Probe SPB 1008)
23. FOUR TOPS - Keeper Of The Castle (1973, Probe SPB 1064)
24. FOUR TOPS - Main Street People (1973, Probe SPBA 6277)
25. FOUR TOPS - Meeting Of The Minds (1974, Probe SPBA 6283)
26. FOUR TOPS - Shaft In Africa O.S.T. (1973, Probe SPB 1077)
27. FREEDOM – Freedom (1970, Probe SPBA 6252)
28. FRUMMOX – Here To Be There (1969, Probe SPB 1007)
29. GLADSTONE - Looking For A Smile (1973, Probe SPB 1076)
30. GLADSTONE – Gladstone (aka “From Down Home In Tyler Texas”) (1972, Probe SPBA 6264)
31. THE GRASS ROOTS [aka GRASSROOTS] - Move Along (1972, Probe SPB 1058)
32. CHARLIE HADEN [Arrangements by CARLA BLEY] Liberation Music Orchestra (1971, Probe SPB 1037)
33. HAMILTON FRANK REYNOLDS – Hallway Symphony (1972, Probe SPB 1050)
34. HAMILTON, JOE FRANKS & REYNOLDS – Hamilton, Joe Franks… (1971, Probe SPB 1040)
35. RICHARD HARRIS - His Greatest Performances (1973, Probe SPB 1075)
36. RICHARD HARRIS – My Boy (1972, Probe SPBA 6263)
37. RICHARD HARRIS – Slides (1973, Probe SPBA 6269)
38. JOHN LEE HOOKER Endless Boogie (1971, Probe SPB 1034)
39. JOHN LEE HOOKER with EARL HOOKER If You Miss ‘Im…I Got ‘Im (1971, Probe SPB 1016)
40. JOHN LEE HOOKER Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive (1972, Probe SPB 1057)
41. THELMA HOUSTON – Sunflower (1972, Probe SPB 1053)
42. FERLIN HUSKY – True True Love (1973, Probe SPB 1073)
43. CHUCK JACKSON – Through All Times (1973, Probe SPB 1084)
44. THE JAMES GANG – The Best Of The James Gang featuring Joe Walsh (April 1973, Probe SPB 1070)
45. THE JAMES GANG – Live In Concert (1971, Probe SPB 1045)
46. THE JAMES GANG – Passin’ Through (1972, Probe SPB 1065)
47. THE JAMES GANG - Rides Again (1970, Probe SPBA 6253)
48. THE JAMES GANG – Straight Shooter (1972, Probe SPB 1056)
49. THE JAMES GANG - Thirds (1971, Probe SPB 1038)
50. DICK JENSEN – White Hot Soul (1969, Probe SPB 1010)
51. JOHN KAY [of STEPPENWOLF] – Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes (1972, Probe SPB 1054)
52. JOHN KAY [of STEPPENWOLF] – My Sportin’ Life (1973, Probe SPBA 6274)
53. THOMAS JEFFERSON KAYE – Thomas Jefferson Kaye
(features members of Steely Dan, 1973, Probe SPB 1074)
54. B.B. KING – The Best Of (1973, Probe SPB 1069)
55. B.B. KING – Guess Who (1972, Probe SPB 1063)
56. B.B. KING – Indianola Mississippi Seeds ((1970, Probe SPBA 6255)
57. B.B. KING – In London (1971, Probe SPB 1041)
58. B.B. KING – L.A. Midnight (April 1972, Probe SPB 1051)
59. B.B. KING – Live In Cook County Jail (1971, Probe SPB 1032)
60. B.B. KING – To Know You Is To Love You (1973, Probe SPB 1083)
61. ARTIE KORNFELD’S TREE – A Time To Remember (1970, Probe SPB 1022)
62. FRANKIE LAINE – Twenty Incredible Performances (2LP set, 1973, Probe GTSP 205)
64. THE LITTER – Emerge (1969, Probe SPB 1004)
65. THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS – A Gathering of Flowers – Anthology (1970, 2LP set, Probe SPB 1013/14)
66. THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS – People Like Us (1971, Probe SPB 1048)
67. THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS – 20 Golden Hits (1972, 2LPs, Probe GTSP 200)
68. DAVE MASON and CASS ELLIOTT – Dave Mason & Cass Elliott (1971, Probe SPBA 6259)
69. CURTIS MAYFIELD/IMPRESSIONS – Early Years With The Impressions (1973, 2LP set, Probe GTSP 201)
70. GAYLE McCORMICK – Gayle McCormick (1972, Probe SPBA 6261)
71. GALT McDERMOTT – see Two Gentlemen Of Verona – A Grand New Musical (1972, 2LP set, Probe PBSP 114)
72. BILLY MESHEL – The Love Song Of A. Wilber Meshel (1969, Probe SPB 1003)
73. THE MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK – The Mystic Number National bank (1969, Probe SPB 1001)
ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST – see Two Gentlemen Of Verna
74. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – Cabaret [Liza Minnelli/John Kander] (1972, Probe SPB 1052)
75. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – The Last Valley [John Barry] (1971, Probe SPB 1027)
76. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – The Song Of Norway [Andrew L. Stone] (1970, Probe SPB 1017)
77. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – Zachariah [Various Artists] (1971, Probe SPB 1026)
78. PLUS – Seven Deadly Sins (1970, Probe SPB 1009)
79. EMITT RHODES – Emitt Rhodes (1971, Probe SPBA 6256)
80. EMITT RHODES – Farewell To Paradise (1973, Probe SPBA 6266)
81. EMITT RHODES – Mirror (1972, Probe SPBA 6262)
82. TOMMY ROE – We Can Make Music (1971, Probe SPB 1021)
83. WILLIAM SAINT JAMES – A Song For Every Mood (1973, Probe SPBA 6273)
84. PHARAOH SANDERS – Deaf Dumb Blind (1971, Probe SPB 1019)
85. SOFT MACHINE – Soft Machine Volume Two (1969, Probe SPB 1002)
86. SOFT MACHINE – Soft Machine & Soft Machine Volume Two (1973, UK 2LP Re-Issue of 1st & 2nd Albums (‘68/’69), Probe GTSP 204)
87. STEELY DAN – Can’t Buy A Thrill (January 1973, Probe SPB 1062)
88. STEELY DAN – Countdown To Ecstasy (September 1973, Probe SPB 1079)
89. STEELY DAN – Pretzel Logic (February 1974, Probe SPBA 6282)
90. STEPPENWOLF – For Ladies Only (November 1971, Probe SPBA 6260)
91. STEPPENWOLF – Steppenwolf 7 (October 1970, Probe SPBA 6254)
92. STEPPENWOLF – Steppenwolf Gold–Their Great Hits (July 1971, Probe SPB 1033)
93. THE TAMS – Best Of (1971, Probe SPB 1044)
94. THREE DOG NGHT – Around The World With Three Dog Night (2LP live set, April 1973, Probe PBSP 113)
95. THREE DOG NIGHT – Cyan (1973, Probe SPBA 6278)
96. THREE DOG NIGHT – Golden Biscuits (June 1971, Probe SPB 1035)
97. THREE DOG NIGHT – Harmony (1971, Probe SPB 1047)
98. THREE DOG NIGHT – It Ain’t Easy (1970, Probe SPBA 6251)
99. THREE DOG NIGHT – Naturally (1971, Probe SPBA 6257)
100. THREE DOG NIGHT – Seven Separate Fools (1972, Probe SPTC 1)
101. VARIOUS ARTISTS – Handle With Care (Probe Label Sampler) (1970, Probe SPSS 1)
102. VARIOUS ARTISTS – Spirit Of Rock – The Probe Family Sampler (1972, Probe/MFP 50046)
103. JOHN VERITY BAND – John Verity Band (1973, Probe SPB 1087)
104. JOE WALSH - Barnstorm (November 1972, Probe SPBA 6268)
105. JOE WALSH - The Smoker You Drink…The Player You Get (August 1973, Probe SPBA 6275)
106. JIMMY WITHERSPOON – Handbags & Gladrags (1971, Probe SPB 1031)
107. ZEPHYR [feat Tommy Bolin] – Zephyr (1970, Probe SPB 1006)

ISLAND RECORDS UK 7” SINGLES DISCOGRAPHY for 1970 - THE "WIP" SERIES – Catalogue Numbers 6075 to 6097.

WIP SERIES – Catalogue Numbers 6075 to 6097
(Includes Chrysalis Label Material Distributed by Island)
This list posted Thursday, 11 September 2008


1. Island WIP 6075
A-side: Notting Hill Gate
B-side: Move Into The Light
Release Date: January 1970
Label: Pink Label Design With No Centre & Black Island Logo in a Pink Island Label Bag
Details: The A is a different mix to the album version on “In Blissful Company”
The B-side is a non-album track
CD availability: both tracks are extras on the Repertoire CD “In Blissful Company”

2. Island WIP 6076
A-side: John The Baptist
B-side: The Ocean
Release Date: January 1970
Label: Pink ‘I’ Label Design in a Pink Island Label Bag
Details: No UK Picture Sleeve, But There Are European Picture Sleeves
Both tracks off the “Stormbringer!” LP
CD availability: on the Island/Universal CD remaster “Stormbringer!”

3. Chrysalis WIP 6077
A-side: The Witch’s Promise
B-side: Teacher
Release Date: 16 January 1970
Label: Chrysalis ‘Green’ Label Design with Chrysalis Name & Butterfly Logo at the Bottom with White Island ‘I’ Logo at the Top.
Details: Usually came in a Green Chrysalis Label Bag
Some Copies Came In A UK Picture Sleeve, But They Are Rare
Both tracks were non-album on release, later appeared on the 2LP set from 1972 called “Living In The Past”
CD availability: both tracks are extras on the CD remaster of “Benefit”

4. Chrysalis WIP 6078
Artist: BLODWYN PIG [features Mick Abrahams, ex Jethro Tull]
A-side: Same Old Story
B-side: Slow Down
Release Date: January 1970
Label: Chrysalis ‘Green’ Label Design In Green Chrysalis Label Bag
No UK Picture Sleeve, But There Are European Ones,
Details: Both Tracks are Non-Album in the UK.
“Slow Down” is a cover version of a Larry Williams song.
CD availability: both tracks are on the Island/Universal CD remaster of “Ahead Rings Out”

5. Island WIP 6079
A-side: The Island
B-side: The Sea
Release Date: January 1970
Label: Pink “I’ Label Design in a Pink Label Bag
No UK Picture Sleeve, But There Are European Picture Sleeves
Details: The A is an edit of an album track on “Renaissance”, their December 1969 LP; the B is non-album
CD availability: both tracks are extras on the Repertoire CD “Renaissance”

6. Island WIP 6080
A-side: Cat Food
B-side: Groon
Release Date: 13 March 1970
Label: Pink “I’ Label Design in Rare Picture Sleeve
Details: The A is an edited version of a track from “In The Wake Of Poseidon”; the B is non-album
CD availability: both the edit and it’s unreleased B-side are on the “Strangely Strange – But Oddly Normal – An Island Anthology 1967-1972” 3CD Box Set from 2005

7. Chrysalis WIP 6081
A-side: Inside
B-side: Alive And Well And Living In
Release Date: 24 April 1970
Label: Chrysalis ‘Green’ Label Design with Chrysalis Name & Butterfly Logo at the Bottom with White Island ‘I’ Logo at the Top. No UK Picture Sleeve, But There Are Several European Picture Sleeves
Details: Both tracks taken from the Chrysalis LP “Benefit”
CD availability: both tracks on the remastered “Benefit” CD remaster

8. Island WIP 6082
Artist: FREE
A-side: All Right Now
B-side: Mouthful Of Grass
Release Date: May 1970
Label: Pink ‘I’ Label Design in a Pink Label Bag
No UK Picture Sleeves, But There Are Many European Versions
Details: The single preceded the 26 June 1970 album release of “Fire And Water” and is an Edit Version at 4:16 minutes; the full album version is 5:42 minutes.
The lovely instrumental B-side “Mouthful Of Grass” is on their 2nd album “Free” from October 1969; later issues of “All Right Now” have different B-sides
CD availability: the A is on the 2000 “Fire And Rain” CD remaster and the 2008 2CD DELUXE EDITION, while the B is on the “Free” CD remaster from 2000

9. Island WIP 6083
Artist: IF
A-side: Raise The Level Of Your Conscious Mind
B-side: I’m Reaching Out On All Sides
Release Date: May 1970
Label: Pink “I’ Label Design in a Pink Label Bag; No UK Picture Sleeve,
But There Are European Picture Sleeves
Details: Both tracks are on their debut LP “If”, but both versions here are single mixes and different to the LP takes
CD availability: both 7” versions are extras on the Repertoire CD “If Volume 1”

10. Island WIP 6084 (WITHDRAWN)
A-side: Nobody There At All by SPOOKY TOOTH
B-side: Room With A View by ART
Release Date: June 1970 - Withdrawn
Label: White Labels Only on 7” single - Very Rare
Details: the A is on “The Last Puff” LP released 3 July 1970 on Island ILPS 9117;
The B is on the “Supernatural Fairy Tales” LP released in 1968 on Island ILPS 967
CD availability: the A side is available on the Repertoire CD re-issue of “The Last Poof” from 2005, while the B is unavailable on Drop Out CD re-issue from 1998 of “Supernatural Fairy Tales”

11. Island WIP 6085
Artist: FOTHERINGAY [featuring Sandy Denny]
A-side: Peace In The End
B-side: Winter Winds
Release Date: June 1970
Label: Large Pink “I” Label Design with no centre in Pink Label Bag
Details: Both tracks are on “Fotheringay” – their lone album from June 1970
CD availability: both tracks are on the Hannibal label CD “Fotheringay”

12. Island WIP 6086
A-side: Lady D’Arbanville
B-sides: 1. Time 2. Fill My Eyes (2-track B-side Maxi Single)
Release date: June 1970
Label: Large Pink ‘I’ Label Design, Most Copies In Pink Label bag
But There Is A Rare UK Picture Sleeve (mistakenly credits "Katmandu" as the B-side)
Details: All tracks taken from his 1970 Island Records debut album “Mona Bone Jakon”. The A-side is about Patti D’Arbanville whom he had a relationship with.
CD availability: all three tracks are on the Universal/Island remaster CD of “Mona Bone Jakon”.

13. Island WIP 6087
A-side: Wild World
B-side: Be Aware
Release Date: August 1970
Label: Large Pink “I” Label Design in a Pink Label Bag
No UK Picture Sleeve (re-issued in 1976 in Pic Slv)
Details: “Wild World” is a CAT STEVENS cover and CAT STEVENS also PRODUCES this version.
It was re-issued as an EP in a picture sleeve in 1977 (Island IEP 9)
CD availability: both tracks are available on Disc 2 of the superlative HIP-O SELECT book set “Better Days Are Coming – The A&M Years 1969-1971”, a 4CD set out of the USA in 2005 (mastered by GAVIN LURSSEN)

14. Island WIP 6088
A-side: Dancing In The Moonlight
B-side: Percy’s On The Run
Release Date: August 1970
Label: Pink “I” Label Design in a Pink Label Bag,
Details: both A&B are non-album tracks, the A–side was covered and made a hit by TOPLOADER in 2000
CD availability: neither track is available on CD at present

15. Island WIP 6089
Artist: FAIRPORT CONVENTION [feat Richard Thompson/Sandy Denny]
A-side: Now Be Thankful
B-side: Sir B. McKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament For The 77th Mounted Lancers From The Straits Of Loch Knombe, In The Year Of Our Lord 1727, On The Occasion Of The Announcement Of Her Marriage To The Laird Of Kinleakie
Release Date: September 1970
Label: Large Pink “I” Label Design in a Pink Label Bag
Details: this is the last PINK label release on 7” in the UK; the B-side is non-album track and was their attempt to get into the Guinness Book Of Records for the longest song title!
CD availability: both tracks are available as extras on the Island/Universal CD “Full House”

16. Chrysalis WIP 6090
Artist: TIR NA NOG [Gaelic for "Land Of The Young"]
A-side: I’m Happy To Be (On This Mountain)
B-side: Let My Love Grow
Release Date: October 1970
Label: Chrysalis Green Label Design; there are European Titled Sleeves of this rare release
Details: Both tracks are non-album
CD availability: "Tir na nOg" 2012 Esoteric Recording CD Remaster [both bonus tracks]

17. Island WIP 6091
A-side: Pyramid
B-side: Crash Landing
Release Date: October 1970
Label: Pink Rim Palm-Tree Label Design
There is no UK Picture Sleeve But there is a European Titled Slv
Details: both tracks are from the “Listen” album on Island ILPS 9131
CD availability: initially available on a 1993 Edsel CD (UK reissue label) combining both of his Island label albums “Listen” from 1970 (which has both the A&B above) and his follow up LP “Stretching Out” from 1971 on ILPS 9163.
However, the CD has long been deleted and is expensive second-hand - neither track is available on any other CD at present

18. Island WIP 6092 (released 1971 – see Details)
A-side: Moon Shadow
B-side: Father And Son
Release Date: Released in June 1971 (see below)
Label: Pink-Rim Palm-Tree Label Design (and not the Pink Island label)
Details: Some detailed explanation is needed with this one in order to clear up some confusion. Some discographies have listed 6092 as released in September 1970, which numerically makes senses, but release-wise it doesn’t. “Moonshadow” is off the “Teaser & The Firecat” LP, which was released in the UK in September 1971. “Tea For A Tillerman”, the album that preceded it was released in the UK in November 1970 – so releasing a track off an album in September 1970 before either LP is issued simply doesn’t make sense. “Moonshadow” was NOT RELEASED IN SEPTEMBER 1970 but in late June 1971. The confusion over label variation may lie with European issues. Many of them sported picture sleeves, which the UK issues didn’t, but more importantly, all of them had the famous ALL PINK LABEL with the ‘I’ logo design. However, while that label variant finished in the UK in mid 1970, it continued in Europe well into 1971. The Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles prides itself on the 100% accuracy of its details and lists “Moon Shadow” as peaking in the UK charts in August 1971, which is CORRECT. (Also of note is that the single credits the song as two words "Moon Shadow", but when it turned up on the September 1971 album it was shortened to one word - also the copyright date on the 7" is miss-credited as 1970 when it should read 1971).
CD availability: the A-side is on the 2000 remaster of “Teaser & The Firecat” while the B-side is on the 2000 remaster of “Tea For A Tillerman”

19. Island WIP 6093
Artist: FREE
A-side: The Stealer
B-side: Lying In The Sunshine
Release Date: November 1970
Label: Pink Rim Palm-Tree Label Design in a Pink Label Bag
Details: The A is a different mix to the album version on “Highway”; the B is off their second album “Free” from 1969.
CD availability: the A-side is on the 2000 remaster of “Highway” as an extra track; the B-side is on the 2000 remaster of “Free”

20. Island WIP 6094

21. Island WIP 6095

22. Island WIP 6096
Artist: BRONCO
A-side: Lazy Now
B-side: Matter Of Perspective
Release Date: November 1970
Label: Pink-Rim Palm-Tree label Design in Pink Label Bag
Details: both tracks are non-album
CD availability: neither track is available on CD at present

23. Island WIP 6097
A-side: Synthetic World
B-side: I Go To Pieces
Release Date: December 1970
Label: Pink-Rim Palm-Tree Label Design in Label Bag
Details: LAST Island 7” in 1970, both tracks were non-album on release
CD availability: both tracks are on the HIP-O SELECT 2006 USA CD “Goodbye Yesterday” in top quality remastered form

WIP 6098 (Unissued)
WIP 6099 (Unissued)


1. ART (see SPOOKY TOOTH, Split Single)
2. BLODWYN PIG – Same Old Story (Chrysalis WIP 6078)
3. THE ALAN BOWN – Pyramid (Island WIP 6091)
4. BRONCO – Lazy Now (Island WIP 6096)
5. JIMMY CLIFF – Synthetic World (Island WIP 6097)
6. JIMMY CLIFF – Wild World (Island WIP 6087)
7. FAIRPORT CONVENTION – Now Be Thankful (Island WIP 6089)
8. FOTHERINGAY – Peace In The End (Island WIP 6085)
9. FREE – All Right Now (Island WIP 6082)
10. FREE – The Stealer (Island WIP 6093)
11. HIGH BROOM – Dancing in The Moonlight (Island WIP 6088)
12. IF – Raise The Level Of Your Conscious Mind (Island WIP 6083)
13. JETHRO TULL – Inside (Chrysalis WIP 6081)
14. JETHRO TULL – The Witch’s Promise (Chrysalis WIP 6077)
15. KING CRIMSON – Cat Food (Island WIP 6080)
16. JOHN and BEVERLEY MARTYN – John The Baptist (Island WIP 6076)
17. QUINTESSENCE – Notting Hill Gate (Island WIP 6075)
18. RENAISSANCE – The Island (Island WIP 6079)
19. SPOOKY TOOTH and ART– Nobody There At All and Room With A View
(Island WIP 6084 – WITHDRAWN – White Labels Exist)
20. CAT STEVENS – Lady D’Arbanville (Island WIP 6086)
21. CAT STEVENS – Moonshadow (charted August 1971) (Island WIP 6092)
22. TIR na N’OG – I’m Happy To Be (On This Mountain) (Chrysalis WIP 6090)


The Album Cover Above
It's Ultra-Rare Poster Below

  1. The Who Sell Out - THE WHO (1967 on Track, Sticker On Sleeve & Rare Poster)
  2. The Beatles - THE BEATLES (The White Album) (1968 on Apple, 2LP Set (Mono & Stereo) with 4 Photos and Lyrics Poster)
  3. Moby Grape - MOBY GRAPE (US 1967 Original on Columbia + Poster)
  4. Let It Bleed - THE ROLLING STONES (1969 on Decca, Mono or Stereo, Stickered Slv + Rare Poster)
  5. This Is Touch - THE TOUCH (1969 on Deram)
  6. Cricklewood Green - TEN YEARS AFTER (1969 on Deram)
  7. The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other – VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR (1970 on Charisma)
  8. Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon - STATUS QUO (1970 on Pye)
  9. Fly – YOKO ONO (1971 2LP Set on Apple)
  10. H.M.S. Donovan - DONOVAN (1971 2LP set on Dawn Records with Poster)
  11. Imagine - JOHN LENNON (1971 on Apple, Inner Slv, Poster & A Postcard)
  12. A Nod’s As Good As A Wink…To A Blind Horse - FACES  (UK 1971 Green Label Warner Brothers, with Rare Poster UK and USA – Note: US LP original credits the title as “A Nod Is As Good As…”)
  13. The Johnny Otis Show – Live At Monterey! – JOHNNY OTIS (USA 1971 2LP set on Epic Records EG 300473 – Fold-out Poster)
  14. 200 Motels – FRANK ZAPPA/MOTHERS OF INVENTION ((UK 1971 2LP set on United Artists, Poster & Booklet)
  15. Electric Warrior - T.REX (September 1971 UK LP on Fly Records HIFLY 6 with A Stickered Slv, Inner Bag & Large Fold-Out Poster)
  16. The Man Who Sold The World - DAVID BOWIE (1972 reissue on RCA with Poster & Inner Sleeve)
  17. Who Came First – PETE TOWNSHEND [of THE WHO] (1972 on Track, Gatefold Sleeve & Poster)
  18. Back To Front – GILBERT O’SULLIVAN (1972 on Mam, Lyric Insert + Black & White Poster)
  19. Big Gun – LUCIFER (1972 on Lucifer, Private Press Sold Via Oz Magazine)
  20. Exit – LUCIFER (1972 on Lucifer, Private Press Sold via Oz Magazine)
  21. Two Quid Deal - SKIN ALLEY (1972 on Transatlantic + Large Poster)
  22. Son Of Schmilsson - NILSSON (1972 on RCA, Lyric Poster & Inner Slv)
  23. Chicago IV – At Carnegie Hall – CHICAGO (UK 1971 4LP Live Box Set, 2 Posters)
  24. Manassas - STEPHEN STILLS & MANASSAS (UK 1972 2LP set on Atlantic, Inner Bags & Fold-Out Lyric Poster)
  25. Epic Forest – RARE BIRD (1972 on Polydor, EP + Rare Poster)
  26. Master Of Reality - BLACK SABBATH (1972 on Vertigo + Poster)
  27. Stoneground Words – MELANIE (1972 on Buddah + Rare Poster)
  28. Reflections In A Mud Puddle – DORY PREVIN (June 1972 UK LP on United Artists UAG 29346 – Gatefold Sleeve with Foldout Poster)
  29. Paul Brett – PAUL BRETT (UK 1972 Bradleys BRADL 1001, Envelope Sleeve, Inner & Poster)
  30. Dingly Dell - LINDISFARNE (1973 on Charisma, Inner Sleeve & Poster)
  31. Dark Side Of The Moon - PINK FLOYD (1973 on Harvest, Two Posters, Two Stickers)
  32. Ancient Maps - BOB PEGG (1973 on Transatlantic TRA 299, Huge Poster)
  33. Kings Of Oblivion – PINK FAIRIES (1973 on Polydor)
  34. Hat Trick – AMERICA (UK 1973 LP on Warner Brothers K 56016 + Rare Fold-Out Poster Insert)
  35. Save The Children – VARIOUS ARTISTS (1973 on Tamla M800-R2, USA 2LP Set with a “Save The Children” Poster)
  36. Back To The Garden – DAVE CARTWRIGHT (UK 1973 Transatlantic TRA 267, Inner Sleeve & A Foldout Poster)
  37. Tanx - T.REX (1973 on EMI)
  38. The Facts Of Life – BOBBY WOMACK (USA 1973 United Artists UA-LP043-F (Includes Poster of Himself Attached To Original Sleeve)
  39. Great Hits – T.REX (October 1973 UK LP on EMI/Bolan BLN 5003, Stickered Front Sleeve & Poster)
  40. Band On The Run – PAUL McCARTNEY and WINGS (1973 on Apple, Inner Sleeve + Poster)
  41. Hello! - STATUS QUO (1973 on Vertigo, Inr Slv & Poster)
  42. What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits - THE DOOBIE BROTHERS (UK 1974 on Warner Brothers, Fold-Out Band Poster)
  43. The Tain - HORSLIPS (1974 on Oats, Inner Sleeve & Rare Poster)
  44. Wishbone Four - WISHBONE ASH (1974 on MCA + Poster)
  45. Phil Spector’s Christmas Album – VARIOUS ARTISTS (1974 Re-issue on Warner Brothers + Poster [Note: Original Didn’t Have A Poster])
  46. David Cassidy Live - DAVID CASSIDY (1974 on Bell + Huge Poster)
  47. Todd - TODD RUNDGREN (1974 2LP on Bearsville)
  48. Chicago V – CHICAGO (UK 1974 CBS, Gatefold Sleeve + Poster + Fold-out Insert)
  49. Eddy And The Falcon – WIZZARD (UK 1974 Warner Brothers K 56029, Gatefold Sleeve, Poster)
  50. Maximum Darkness – MAN (1975 on United Artists, A Live Set with Poster)
  51. Hotel California - EAGLES (1975 on Asylum, Fold-Out Band Poster)
  52. Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy - ELTON JOHN (1975 on DJM, 2 Booklets & Poster of the Gatefold Sleeve)
  53. Fish Out Of Water - CHRIS SQUIRE [of YES] (1975 on Atlantic)
  54. Chicago VII – CHICAGO (1975 on CBS, 2LP Set, Street Life Poster)
  55. Live! At The Lyceum - BOB MARLEY and THE WAILERS (Dec 1975 on Island + Poster)
  56. Loving Awareness – LOVING AWARENESS (1976 on More Love, 2 Posters)
  57. Four Seasons Of Love – DONNA SUMMER (UK 1976 GTO Records GTLP 018 + Calendar Foldout Poster)
  58. All Of This & World War II – VARIOUS ARTISTS (1976, 2LPs on Riva Records, All Beatles covers + Poster)
  59. P.Funk Endless Tour – PARLIAMENT (UK 1977 2LP set on Casablanca CALD 5002, Gatefold Sleeve with a Large Foldout Poster)
  60. Wings Over America - WINGS (3LP Live Set, Jan 1977 on Parlophone, 3 Inners & Poster)
  61. Never Mind The Bollocks… SEX PISTOLS (UK 1977 on Virgin, Original Copies, Sticker Slv, Poster & 7” single – THE POSTER IS VERY RARE!)
  62. Right on Time – THE BROTHERS JOHNSON (UK 1978 LP on A&M AMLH 64644 + Fold-Out Poster of The Brothers)
  63. Obsession – UFO (1978 LP on Chrysalis CDL 1182 (+Poster)
  64. London Town - WINGS (April 1978 on Parlophone)
  65. At Budokan – BOB DYLAN (1978 on CBS, 2 Booklets & Poster)
  66. Hi-Tension – HI-TENSION (UK 1978 on Island ILPS 9564 + Poster)
  67. That’s Life - SHAM 69 (November 1978 on Polydor)
  68. Jazz – QUEEN (November 1978 on EMI, 'Attached' Nude Girls on Bikes Poster)
  69. Babylon By Bus - BOB MARLEY and THE WAILERS (UK Dec 1978 2LP Live Set, Die-Cut Slv, Inners, Poster)
  70. Thriller – EDDIE + THE HOT RODS (UK 1979 Island ILPS 9563 (Inner Sleeve & Fold-Out Poster)
  71. Teenage Depression- EDDIE & THE HOTRODS (UK + Poster)
  72. Dynasty – KISS (1979 on Casablanca)
  73. Iron Maiden – IRON MAIDEN (1979 on EMI)
  74. 20 Jazz Funk Greats – THROBBING GRISTLE (1979 on Industrial)
  75. The Eddie Cochran Singles Album – EDDIE COCHRAN (UK 1979 United Artists UAK 30244, +7” single “Think Of Me” and “Pretty Girl” [United Artists FREE 12] + Foldout Poster of the cover Advertising other Artists in the series)
  76. “Y” – THE POP GROUP (1979 on Radar, Foldout Colour Poster)
  77. Emotional Rescue - THE ROLLING STONES (1980 on Rolling Stones)
  78. Foolish Behaviour - ROD STEWART (1980 on Riva + Poster)
  79. Get Happy! - ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (1980 on F-Beat, Inner Sleeve & Poster)
  80. Women & Children First – VAN HALEN (1980 on Warner Brothers, Dave Lee Roth Poster)
  81. More Specials – THE SPECIALS (September 1980 on Two Tone & Bonus 7”)
  82. Greatest Hits Volume 2 - COCKNEY REJECTS (October 1980 on Zonophone)
  83. Eagles Live – EAGLES (UK 1980 2LP Set on Asylum K 62032, Inr Sleeves + Poster)
  84. Cultosaurus Erectos – BLU OYSTER CULT (UK 1980 LP on CBS Records 86120 with Insert and Poster)
  85. Face Dances - THE WHO (1981 on Polydor)
  86. Talk Talk – THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS (1981 on CBS 84892)
  87. Tin Drum – JAPAN (1981 on Virgin)
  88. Rage In Eden – ULTRAVOX (1981 on Chrysalis)
  89. Dance – GARY NUMAN (1981 on Beggars Banquet)
  90. Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables - DEAD KENNEDYS (1981 on Cherry Red)
  91. Living My Life - GRACE JONES (1982 on Island, Fold Out Poster)
  92. Combat Rock - THE CLASH (1982 on CBS)
  93. This Are Two Tone - VARIOUS ARTISTS (1983 on 2-Tone)
  94. Let The Tribe Increase - THE MOB (1983 on All The Madmen)
  95. T.Rextasy – MARC BOLAN and T.REX (UK 1983 Marc On Wax ABOLAN 5)
  96. Frontiers – JOURNEY (UK 1983 LP on CBS Records 25261 + Poster)
  97. Purple Rain by PRINCE (1984 on Warner Brothers, Inr Slv + Poster))
  98. Mirror Moves – PSYCHEDELIC FURS (1984 on CBS)
  99. Victims Of The Future – GARY MOORE (1984 on EMI)
  100. On A Storyteller’s Night – MAGNUM (1985 on FM, Picture Disc & Poster)
  101. Arena [Live] – DURAN DURAN (1985 on EMI, Gatefold + Poster)
  102. Drive – TOMMY CHASE QUARTET (UK 1985 Virgin PAL 5)
  103. Frankenchrist – DEAD KENNEDYS (1985 on Alternative Tentacles with H.R. Giger Poster)
  104. True Blue – MADONNA (1986 on Sire, with Tour Poster)
  105. The Politics Of Ecstasy – MAGIC MUSHROOM BAND (1986 on Pagan)
  106. Animal Liberation – VARIOUS ARTISTS (UK 1987 on Wax Trax! WAX UK 25)
  107. Licence To Ill – THE BEASTIE BOYS (1987 on Def Jam)
  108. Randy Rhodes Tribute – OZZY OSBOURNE (1987 2LP set on Epic + Poster)
  109. Savage - EURYTHMICS (November 1987 on RCA)
  110. Radio Kaos - ROGER WATERS [of Pink Floyd] (June 1987 on EMI)
  111. You Can Dance – MADONNA (1987 on Sire, with Gold Obi & Poster)
  112. All Right Now – PEPSI & SHIRLIE (1987 on Polydor POLH 38 + Poster)]
  113. Master Of Puppets – METALLICA (1987 reissue, Music For Nations, Direct Metal Mastered + Poster)
  114. The Complete Sun Sessions - ELVIS PRESLEY (1987 2LP Set on RCA with “All-Time Greatest Hits” Sleeve Poster)
  115. Mind Bomb – THE THE (1989 LP on Epic with Inner Sleeve & Poster)
  116. The Cream Of Supreme – VARIOUS ARTISTS (UK 1987 on Supreme SU 3)
  117. Billy & Albert – At The Royal Albert Hall [Live Comedy] – BILLY CONNELLY (1987 on 10 Records DIX 65 + Poster)
  118. Flowers In The Rain – PAUL McCARTNEY (1989 on Parlophone, Special Edition with Prints & Poster)
  119. The Royal Box – MADONNA (1990 on Sire) (contains “Immaculate Collection” with Video, Cards & Poster)
  120. Asquarius – CUD (1992 LP on A&M, 1st 5000 Had Poster)
  121. Wild Wood – PAUL WELLER (UK 1994 Go Discs! 828 438-1, Gatefold Sleeve + Poster)
  122. The X Factor – IRON MAIDEN (1995 on EMI)
  123. Ziggy Stardust – Motion Picture Soundtrack (UK 2003 2LP set on EMI ZIPPYRIP 3773 with Inners & Poster)
  124. Steady Diet Of Nothing – FUGAZI
  125. Made Of Bricks – KATE NASH (2008 on Pink Vinyl + Poster)
  126. Day & Age – THE KILLERS (2008)
  127. Glasvegas – GLASVEGAS (2008)

LIST FORMED July 2008 – August 2012

This list will be updated when new info comes to light - so please e-mail suggestions and additions - thanks...

The “POP HISTORY” Series of Vinyl Double Albums On Polydor Records from the early 1970’s.

The following “POP HISTORY” Discography is for the GERMAN RELEASES only. Release Dates range from 1972 to 1974 (the dates on the record labels tend to refer to the copyright dates of the material rather than the release date).

They were also issued in other countries in Europe and even in South America [none were issued in the UK or the USA – some of the earlier titles were imported into each]. Each set was a double album and had distinctive generic colour artwork, laminated gatefold sleeves, polylined inner bags and quality pressed European vinyl (Polydor/Cube labels). Collectors have long enjoyed them for their ‘early material’ track lists and top quality mastering.

It isn't all straightforward however when you stray away from the German issues - artists featured in the series differed from country to country - as did the Volume Number they were allocated.
For instance the French version of Booker T & The M.G.’s turns up as Vol.5 instead of 8, while Richie Havens is Vol.11 instead of 13. Uruguay had THE BEE GEES as Volume 5, while there was none in the German issues. THE WHO set in Argentina is a double, while the Brazilian issue ‘appears’ to be a single – it isn’t. The “Pop History” name and same artwork was used in a 10LP German Box Set where the artists are doubled-up on some records or receive a single album on others – many people broke out these single albums and sold them separately – as “Pop History” titles. James Brown is Volume 3 in many countries, but the track list on the Spanish issue is different to the German issue (different hits in different countries). With this cross-country tailoring to their particular marketplace, but often using the same German artwork and even the same overall catalogue number, it's easy to see why some confusion can creep in...

Also - for British and Irish fans alike, the series throws up some quirky anomalies – huge and popular ‘rock’ acts like SLADE, guitarist ROY BUCHANAN and the fabulous Maggie Bell fronted STONE THE CROWS are not represented here, but HARDIN & YORK are? Eddie Hardin and Peter York made 3 albums in the UK on Bell Records (1971’s “For The World” is the 3rd), none of which did any business in Britain. Musically they may have been excellent, but fame-wise, they were and still are absolute obscurities in their own country and their albums are now hard-to-find vinyl rarities clocking in at £25 + (if you can locate them). They were, however, huge in Germany, capable of filling large venues and hence the reason they were afforded the luxury of a “Pop History” double in that country. The same applies to SAVAGE ROSE - huge in Europe - but virtual unknowns in the UK.

Also - FOUR of the doubles are not compilations, but 2 whole albums under another name – see notes on Hardin & York, Mountain, The Grateful Dead and Medicine Head.

I've finally located Volume 17 (possibly Jack Bruce), Vol. 24 appears to be unissued and the series ends with Rory Gallagher on Vol.30. The release info and track lists come from a European Polydor catalogue of 1974 I’ve acquired and also from the albums I own. I’ve double-checked the details for accuracy and to my knowledge, this is the first time that all of this info on the series has been put together in the one place.

1. Pop History Vol.1 – CREAM (Polydor 2675 014)
[Featuring Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker]
14 Tracks: N.S.U./White Room/Sitting On Top Of The World/Sunshine Of Your Love/Passing The Time/Lawdy Mama/Deserted Cities Of The Heart/As You Said/I Feel Free/Sweet Wine/Doing That Scrapyard Thing/I’m So Glad/Traintime/Toad

2. Pop History Vol.2 – JIMI HENDRIX (Polydor 2675 013)
16 Tracks: Who Knows/Voodoo Chile/Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)/Rainy Day Dream Away/We Gotta Live Together/All Along The Watchtower/Power Of Soul/And The Gods Made Love/Moon Turn The Tides.../Changes/Foxy Lady/Long Hot Summer Night/Message To Love/House Burning Down/Still Raining Still Dreaming/Come On - Part 1

3. Pop History Vol.3 – JAMES BROWN (Polydor 2625 009)
24 Tracks: Maybe Good-Maybe Bad (Part 1 & 2)/Choo Choo/Stagger Lee/Use For Mother/After You Done It/You’ve Got To Change Your Mind/Soul Pride (Part 1)/Soul Pride (Part 2)/Fever/Is It Yes Or Is It No/World (Part 1 & 2)/Georgia On My Mind/The Chicken/Time After Time/If I Ruled The World/I’m Shock/Prisoner Of Love/Kansas City/Brother Rapp (Part 1 & 2)/Just Plain Funk/I’ll Lose My Mind/Gittin’ A Little Hipper/The Scratch/Here I Go

4. Pop History Vol.4 – THE WHO (Polydor 2675 012)
20 Tracks: My Generation/Heatwave/Smash The Mirror/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde/Overture From Tommy/Doctor! Doctor!/In The City/Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand/I Can See For Miles/Sally Simpson/Magic Bus/You See My Way/The Acid Queen/We’re Not Gonna Take It/Summertime Blues/Bucket “T”/Our Love Was/Christmas/Don’t Look Away/Call Me Lightning

5. Pop History Vol.5 – THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL featuring JOHN SEBASTIAN (Polydor 2625 010)
24 Tracks: Daydream/Jug Of Wine/Try A Little Bit/(Till I) Run With You/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/Six O’ Clock/Didn’t Want To Have To Do It/Henry Thomas/Younger Girl/Nashville Cats/Only Yesterday/You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice/Revolution/Forever/Rain On The Roof/Voodoo In My Basement/Money/Summer In The City/Do You Believe In Magic/Only Pretty What A Pity/Never Goin’ Back/Blues In The Bottle/Night Owl Blues/She Is Still A Mystery

6. Pop History Vol.6 – ERIC BURDON and THE ANIMALS (Polydor 2625 011)
18 Tracks: St. James Infirmary/A Girl Named Sandoz/The Black Plague/Uppers And Downers/No Self Pity/Cheating/When I Was Young/It's All Meat/Serenade To A Sweat Lady/Orange And Red Beams/Winds Of Change/Help Me Girl/New York 1963 - America 1968 (Full 19:00 Minute Version)/Year Of The Guru/You're On My Mind/She'll Return It/Just The Thought/The Immigrant Land

7. Pop History Vol.7 – FRANK ZAPPA and THE MOTHERS of INVENTION (Polydor 2625 012)
20 Tracks: Help I’m A Rock/I’m Not Satisfied/Motherly Love/Plastic People/The Idiot Bast@#! Son/Brown Shoes Don’t Make It/The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny/Anything/You Didn’t Try To Call Me/Duke Of Prunes/Hungry Freaks Daddy/Uncle Bernie’s Farm/Who Are The Brain Police/Who Needs The Peace Corps/Absolutely Free/Status Back Baby/Invocation & Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin/Go Cry On Somebody Else’s Shoulder/Flower Punk/America Drinks & Goes Home

8. Pop History Vol.8 – BOOKER T. & THE M.G.’s (Polydor 2625 013)
23 Tracks: Mrs. Robinson/This Guy’s In Love With You/Because/Foxy Lady/Hi Ride/Time Is Tight/Heads Or Tails/Michelle/Lady Madonna/Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy/Light My Fire/Eleanor Rigby/Soul Limbo/The Horse/I Want You/Something/Melting Pot/Hang ‘Em High/Johnny, I Love You/Sunny Monday/La La Means I Love You/The End/Over Easy

9. Pop History Vol.9 – ERIC CLAPTON (Polydor 2668 001)
[Features Cream, Derek & The Dominoes and Eric Clapton Solo]
15 Tracks: Bottle Of Red Wine/Bell Bottom Blues/Rollin’ And Tumblin’/Badge/Lawdy Mama/Strange Brew/Let It Rain/Spoonful/Anyday/Wrapping Paper/Little Wing/Sweet Wine/After Midnight/Key To The Highway/Layla (Full Album Version)

10. Pop History Vol.10 – GINGER BAKER (Polydor 2668 002)
[Features Cream and Ginger Baker’s Air Force]
14 Tracks: Sweet Wine/Passing The Time/Sunshine Of Your Love/Twelve Gates Of The City/Doin' It/Man Of Constant Sorrow/Blue Condition/We Free Kings/Today/Toad (Full 13 Minute Version)/What A Bringdown/Let Me Ride/Do What You Like (Full Near 12 Minute Version)/I'm So Glad

11. Pop History Vol.11 – TASTE (Polydor 2668 003) [featuring Rory Gallagher]
[Features Studio and Live Material]
19 Tracks: Sugar Mama/I’m Movin’ On/What’s Going On/Born On The Wrong Side Of Time/ Same Old Story/Eat My Words/Gamblin’ Blues/Railway And Gun/If I Don’t Sing, I’ll Cry/Feel So Good – Part 2/On The Boards/Hail/See Here/Dual Carriageway Pain/I’ll Remember/Blister On The Moon/It’s Happened Before, It’ll Happen Again/Leaving Blues/Catfish (Full 10 Minute Live Version)

12. Pop History Vol.12 – THE SPOTNICKS (Polydor 2676 016)
23 Tracks: Amapola/One Has My Name/Green Eyes/Ku’damm Promenade/Muddy Mississippi Line/Walk Right In/Last Date/Diamonds/I’m Coming Home/Steel Guitar Rag/Bye Bye Birdie/Habanera/Everybody’s Talkin’/In The Mood/Busted/Say Mama/Walking Back To Happiness/Havah Nagila/Wildwood Flower/Recado/I’ll Remember You/Hot Toddy/Space Walk

13. Pop History Vol.13 – RICHIE HAVENS (Polydor 2625 015)
18 Tracks: Indian Rope Man/Baby Blue/Wear Your Love Like Heaven/Run Shaker Life – Do You Feel Good/I Started A Joke/Shouldn’t All The World Be Dancing/From The Prison/Open Your Eyes/Strawberry Fields Forever/A Little Help From My Friends/Priests/I Pity The Poor Immigrant/Prayer/She’s Leaving Home/Lady Madonna/For Haven’s Sake/Don’t Listen To Me/The Parable Of Roman

14. Pop History Vol.14 – JOHN MAYALL (Polydor 2675 017)
13 Tracks: The Laws Must Change/Nature’s Disappearing/Waiting For The Right Time/To A Princess/I’m Gonna Fight For J.B./Lying By My Bed/Night Flyer/Counting The Days/Took The Cat/Saw Mill Gulch Road/California/Many Miles Apart/People Cling Together/You Must Be Crazy/Thoughts About Roxanne/Thinking Of My Woman

15. Pop History Vol.15 – SAVAGE ROSE (Polydor 2675 018)
21 Tracks: Savage Rose/Look Out/You’ll Be Alright/I’m Walking Through The Door/White Swans’ Marriage Clothes/Everybody Must Know/Her Story/Sailing Away/Your Sign – My Sign/His Own Happiness – God’s Little Hand/Oh Baby Where Have You Gone?/Open Air Shop/You Be Free/A Trial In Our Native Town/Sleep/The Shepherd And Sally/The Castle/Ride My Mountain/A Girl I Know/Life’s Other Side/I’m Satisfied Mr. Captain

16. Pop History Vol.16 – GOLDEN EARRING (Polydor 2625 018)
21 Tracks: Back Home/Everyday's Torture/Gipsy Rhapsody/Born A Second Time/Song Of A Devil's Servant/Big Tree Blue Sea/One Huge Road/The Truth About Arthur/Magnificent Magistral/I'm Going To Send My Pigeons To The Sky/Yellow & Blue/Landing/Crystal Heaven/Must I Cry?/God Bless The Day/See See/The Wall Of Dolls/Who Cares?/Nothing Can Change This World Of Mine/The Loner/The Sad Story Of Sam Stone/This Is The Time Of the Year

17. Pop History Vol.17 – JACK BRUCE (Polydor 2668 004)
17 Tracks: Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune/As You Said/Doin' That Scrapyard Thing/We’re Going Wrong/White Room/Theme For An Imaginary Western//Over The Cliff/This Night This Song/Once I Loved/HCKHH Blues // To Whom It May Concern-Them/Statues/ Things We Like/Allah Be Praised/N.S.U./Dance The Night Away/Train Time

18. Pop History Vol.18 – AIR FORCE [Ginger Baker's Air Force] (Polydor 2668 005)

19. Pop History Vol.19 – THE VELVET UNDERGROUND and NICO (Polydor 2625 019)
17 Tracks: Lady Godiva's Operation/Eulogy To Lenny Bruce/What Goes On/Winter Song/Some Kind Of Love/The Gift/Chelsea Girl/I’m Set Free/The Murder Mystery/Little Sister/I'll Be Your Mirror/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Jesus/The Fairest Of The Seasons/After Hours/It Was A Pleasure Then/ That's The Story Of My Life

20. Pop History Vol.20 – THE BLUES PROJECT featuring AL KOOPER and STEVE KATZ (Polydor 2625 020)
18 Tracks: Fly Away/Steve’s Song/Dakota Recollection/Two Trains Running/When There’s Smoke, There’s…/I Want To Be Your Driver/If You Got To Make A Fool Of/No Time Like The Right Time/Endless Sleep/Wake Me-Shake Me/Niartae’s Hornpipe/Cheryl’s Going Home/Calypso/I Can’t Keep From Crying Some/Violets Of Dawn/Mojo Hannah/The Flute Thing/Catch The Wind

21. Pop History Vol.21 – HARDIN & YORK (Polydor 2625 021)
[2 whole albums; their debut LP from 1969 on Bell Records called “Tomorrow Today” (Tracks 1 to 9) and their 2nd LP also on Bell Records from 1970 called “The World’s Smallest Big Band (aka Hardin & York)” (Tracks 10 to 15)]
15 Tracks: Tomorrow Today/100 Years From Now/I'm Lost/Drinking My Wine/Candlelight/Beautiful Day/Mountains Of Sand/Can't Keep A Good Man Down/Listen Everyone/Just A Case Of Time/I Can't Find My Way Home/Love, A Song For You/Rock & Roll Medley (a) Jailhouse Rock (b) Mean Woman Blues (c) Rip It Up!/The Pike/”Northern Medley" (a) Lady Madonna (b) Norwegian Wood

22. Pop History Vol.22 – MOUNTAIN (Polydor 2625 022)
[2 whole albums, their 1969 US-Only debut LP on Bell Records by Leslie West called “Mountain” (Tracks 1 to 11) with their 2nd LP from 1970 [1st in the UK] also on Bell Records called “Mountain Climbing” (Tracks 12 to 20)]
20 Tracks: Blood Of The Sun/Long Red/Better Watch Out/Blind Man, Baby, I’m Down/Dreams Of Milk & Honey/Storyteller Man/This Wheel’s On Fire/Look To The Wind/Southbound Train/Because You Are My Friend/Mississippi Queen/Theme For Imaginary Western/Never In My Life/Silver Paper/Yasgur’s Farm/To My Friend/The Laird/Sittin’ On A Rainbow/Boys In The Band

23. Pop History Vol.23 – THE GRATEFUL DEAD (Polydor 2679 003)
[2 whole albums - “Vintage Dead” (Tracks 1 to 4) and “Historic Dead” (Tracks 5 to 9). Although the material was recorded in the mid Sixties, both albums only received official release in the UK on Polydor in 1972]
Tracks: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/Lindy/Stealin'/The Same Thing /I Know You Rider/It Hurts Me Too/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Dancin' In The Streets/In The Midnight Hour

24. Pop History Vol.24 – NOT YET TRACED

24. Pop History Vol.25 – MEDICINE HEAD (Polydor 2625 026)
[2 whole albums; their 1971 2nd LP on Dandelion Records called “Heavy On The Drum” (Tracks 1 to 11) and their 1969 debut LP also on Dandelion Records called “New Bottles And Old Medicine” (Tracks 12 to 25)]
25 Tracks: There's Always A Light /Any Day Now/Medicine Pony/Thou Shalt Not Pass/Expectation Blues/To Train Time/Call On Your Saviour/Have No Fear/You Got Me Rockin' And Rollin'/Once There Was A Day/(Sometimes) Even The Moon Has No Face/When Night Falls/Ooee Baby/Next Time The Sun Comes Round/This Love Of Old/Home's Odyssey/Oh My Heart To Peace/Do It Now/Be It As We Are/Fire Under Mountain/Two Men Now/Crazy 'Bout You Baby/Goin' Home/His Guiding Hand/Walkin' Blues

26. Pop History Vol.26 – JULIE DRISCOLL and BRIAN AUGER (Polydor 2668 007)
18 Tracks: This Wheel’s On Fire/Tramp/Day In The Life/Save The Country/Save Me (Part 1)/Indian Rope Man/Black Cat/Take Me To The Water/A Kind Of Love In/Goodbye Jungle Telegraph/Season Of The Witch/I’ve Got Life/Light My Fire/Maria’s Wedding/Let The Sunshine In/Red Beans And Rice/Truth/Road To Cairo

27. Pop History Vol.27 – T. REX (Cube 2635 005)
24 Tracks: Hot Love/Jewel/The Visit/Childe/Ride A White Swan/Summertime Blues/Get It On/Is It Love?/One Inch Rock/Summer Deep/Warlord Of The Royal Crocodilee/Seagull Woman/Jeepster/Hot Rod Mama/Mustang Ford/Chariots Of Silk/Cat Black/She Was Born To Be My Unicorn/Debora/Iscariot/Nijinsky Aind/Organ Blues/By The Light Of A Magical Moon/Dragon’s Ear

28. Pop History Vol.28 – PROCOL HARUM (Cube 2635 006)
22 Tracks: A Whiter Shade Of Pale/She Wandered Through The Garden Fence/Something Following Me/A Christmas Camel/Homburg/Conquistador/Quite Rightly So/Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)/Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)/Rambling On/Wish Me Well/Shine On Brightly/A Salty Dog/The Milk Of Human Kindness/Crucifiction Lane/The Devil Came From Kansas/Boredom/Whisky Train/Your Own Choice/Still There Be More/About To Die/The Dead Man’s Dream

29. Pop History Vol.29 – THE MOVE (Cube 2635 007)
17 Tracks: I Can Hear The Grass Grow/Helloh Susie/(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree/Don’t Make My Baby Blue/Flowers In The Rain/Fire Brigade/Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited/Wild Tiger Woman/Night Of Fear/Blackberry Way/When Alice Comes Back To The Farm/The Last Thing On My Mind/Curly/Hey Grandma/Walk Upon The Water/Brontosaurus/Fields Of People/Omnibus

30. Pop History Vol.30 – RORY GALLAGHER (Polydor 2679 006) [see also Taste]
[Tracks 1 to 5 are by TASTE; 6 to 17 are RORY GALLAGHER solo]
17 Tracks: Blister On The Moon/Born On The Wrong Side Of Time/Leaving Blues/Railway & Gun/Eat My Words/Hands Up/Just A Smile/Wave Myself Goodbye/Can’t Believe It’s True/Used To Be/I’m Not Awake Yet/Don’t Know Where I’m Going/Should’ve Learned My Lesson/Going To My Hometown (Live)/Messing With The Kid (Live)/In Your Town (Live)/Bullfrog Blues (Live)

POLYDOR “Flashback” Series of UK Budget-Priced Single LPs from 1975 to 1977

Although neither the label nor the sleeve gave this series any official title (most are simply credited in lists and discographies as self-titled compilations), this series of single LPs became known as “ROCK FLASHBACKS” because of that title on the sticker that accompanied many of the early issues (see picture above).

The albums were also pitched at a Special Price of £1.47 (a lot cheaper than the full price LP of 1975) and the compilations generally featured early or rare material by the artist. The “Flashbacks” stickers disappeared on the 2nd run of issues and the label went from their Polydor Standard imprint to Polydor Special (Their Budget Label). Almost all of these compilations are simply ‘self titled’, “Roy Buchanan” “Focus” etc – but those that aren’t are noted below (“Live” for Rory Gallagher, “Vol.2” for Cream etc).

Very few of the compilations (except towards 1978) had a copyright date on the record label or rear sleeve (i.e. 1975 or 1976), but instead had the copyright date of the material on the label - which has led to some confusion on eBay at times about when these albums were released. Some label variations away from Polydor also occurred, Verve, MGM, RSO etc

I’ve only included the album covers in this series, which featured the centred ‘photo’ against a colour background sleeve – it became the series trademark look and was devised by VINCENT McAVOY. There are many other albums on Polydor Special like “Clapton” (RSO Special 2394 186) from 1978, but they tended to be straightforward reissues of early LPs and didn’t sport the ‘photo’ artwork of this series.


1. Roy Buchanan (Polydor Special 2482 275)
2. Eric Burdon and The Animals (Metro Special 2356 142)
3. Cream (Polydor Standard 2384 067)
4. Cream Vol.2 (RSO Special 2479 701)
5. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity (Polydor Standard 2384 062)
6. Fairport Convention (Polydor Standard 2384 047)
7. Focus (Polydor Special 2384 070)
8. Rory Gallagher (Polydor Standard 2384 066)
9. Rory Gallagher – Live (Polydor Special 2384 079)
10. Golden Earring (Polydor Special 2482 329)
11. Richie Havens (Polydor Special 2482 273)
12. Jimi Hendrix (Polydor Standard 2343 080)
13. Jimi Hendrix, Vol.2 (Polydor Special 2343 086)
14. Lifetime featuring John McLaughlin etc (Polydor Special 2482 179)
15. John Mayall (Polydor Special 2482 272)
16. Medicine Head (Polydor Special 2384 069)
17. Pink Fairies (Polydor Special 2384 071)
18. Rare Bird (Polydor Special 2384 078) 1977
19. Stone The Crows (Polydor Special 2482 279)
20. Taste (Polydor Special 2384 076)
21. The Velvet Underground (MGM Special 2354 033)
22. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (Verve Special 2352 057)

23. Various – Medium Rare (Polydor Special 2482 381)
24. Various – Rare Tracks (Polydor Special 2482 274)


1. Roy Buchanan (Polydor Special 2482 275) 1978
[Compilation of tracks from the UK LPs “Roy Buchanan” (1972), “Second Album” (1973), “That’s What I Am Here For” (1974) and “Rescue Me” (1975)]
Side 1: Sweet Dreams/Tribute To Elmore James/Roys Bluz/Cajun/Country Preacher/After Hours
Side 2: The Messiah Will Come Again/Filthy Teddy/Wayfaring Pilgrim/Please Don’t Turn Me Away/She Once Lived Here/In The Beginning

2. Eric Burdon and The Animals (Metro Special 2356 142) 1976
Side 1: Good Times/Sky Pilot/San Francisco Nights/Paint It Black/When I Was Young/See See Rider
Side 2: Ring Of Fire/River Deep Mountain High/Monterey/Help Me Girl/I’m An Animal/To Love Somebody

3. Cream (Polydor Standard 2384 067) 1975
[Consists of their debut album “Fresh Cream” from late 1966 plus their 1st UK 7” single “Wrapping Paper” and “The Coffee Song” (previously unreleased in the UK at the time of this release)]
Side 1: N.S.U./Sleepy Time Time/Dreaming/Sweet Wine/Spoonful/Wrapping Paper
Side 2: Cat’s Squirrel/Four Until Late/The Coffee Song/Rollin’ And Tumblin’/I’m So Glad/Toad

4. Cream Vol.2 (RSO Special 2479 701) 1978 Release
Side 1: I Feel Free/Those Were The Days/World Of Pain/Doin’ That Scrapyard Thing/Lawdy Mama/What A Bringdown
Side 2: Deserted Cities Of The Heart/Dance The Night Away/Anyone For Tennis/We’re Going Wrong/Passing The Time/Crossroads

5. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity (Polydor Standard 2384 062) 1975
Side 1: Let The Sunshine In/The Road To Cairo/Take Me To The Water – I’m Going Back Home/Why (Am I Treated So Bad)/Light My Fire/Save Me/A Kind Of Love In
Side 2: This Wheel’s On Fire/Break It Up/Tramp/Season Of The Witch/Save The Country/Indian Rope Man

6. Fairport Convention (Polydor Standard 2384 047) 1975
[Straightforward reissue of their 1968 debut album (stereo version) on Polydor]
Side 1: Time Will Show The Wiser/I Don’t Know Where I Stand/If (Stomp)/Decameron/Jack O’Diamonds/Portfolio
Side 2: Chelsea Morning/Sun Shade/The Lobster/It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft/One Sure Thing/M1 Breakdown

7. Focus (Polydor Special 2384 070) 1975
[Band featured Jan Akkerman, Thisj Van Leer, Bert Butler, Cyril Havermans, Colin Allen, Pierre Van Der Linden, Martin Dresden, Hans Glevver]
Side 1: Hocus Pocus/Round Goes The Gossip/Love Remembered/House Of The King
Side 2: Early Birth/Focus II/Carnival Fugue/Janis/Elspeth Of Nottingham/Tommy/Sylvia

8. Rory Gallagher (Polydor Standard 2384 066) 1975
[Consists of tracks from his 1st and 2nd solo albums “Rory Gallagher” and “Deuce”, both from 1971 on Polydor]
Side 1: Used To Be/Sinner Boy/For The Last Time/Hand’s Up/Just The Smile
Side 2: Crest Of A Wave/I’m Not Awake Yet/There’s A Light/I Fall Apart/Don’t Know Where I’m Going

9. Rory Gallagher – Live (Polydor Special 2384 079) 1976
[Consists of tracks from “Live! In Europe” from 1972 and the 2LP set “Irish Tour ‘74” from 1974, both on Polydor]
Side 1: Cradle Rock/Tattoo’d Lady/Pistol Slapper Blues/Walk On Hot Coals
Side 2: In Your Town/Who’s That Coming/Messing With The Kid

10. Golden Earring (Polydor Special 2482 329) 1976
Side 1: Back Home/Buddy Joe/Kill Me (Se Soir)/She Flies On Strange Wings (Part 1)/I Sing My Song/Avalanche Of Love/One Huge Road/The Song Is Over
Side 2: Radar Love/Stand By Me/Song Of A Devil’s Servant/Landing/All Day Watcher/Candy’s Going Bad

11. Richie Havens (Polydor Special 2482 273) 1975
[Compilation of tracks from 1967’s “Mixed Bag” through to “Mixed Bag II” from 1975]
Side 1: Here Comes The Sun/Ooh Child/I Don’t Need Nobody/Minstrel From Gault/End Of The Seasons
Side 2: It Was A Very Good Year/Someone Suite/Open Your Eyes/She’s Leaving Home/Tight Rope/I Pity The Poor Immigrant/The Indian Prayer

12. Jimi Hendrix (Polydor Standard 2343 080) 1975
Side 1: Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)/Ezy Rider/Little Wing/Love Or Confusion/House Burning Down/Johnny B. Goode
Side 2: All Along The Watchtower/Little Miss Lover/Power To Love/The Drifter’s Escape/Angel

13. Jimi Hendrix Vol.2 (Polydor Special 2343 086) 1976
Side 1: Freedom/Gypsy Eyes/Remember/Castles Made Of Sand/Stone Free/Straight Ahead
Side 2: In From The Storm/I Don’t Live Today/Crosstown Traffic/Are You Experienced

14. Lifetime featuring John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce, Tony Williams and Larry Young (Polydor Special 2482 179) 1975
Side 1: One Word/A Famous Blues/Vashkar/Emergency
Side 2: Two Worlds/Spectrum/Big Nick/Vuelta Abajo

15. John Mayall (Polydor Special 2482 272) 1976
[Compilation – “Accidental Suicide” features Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor on Guitars – the front cover miscredits Track 1, Side 1 as “The Years Are Gone”]
Side 1: Ten Years Are Gone/Mess Around/Room To Move/Don’t Waste My Time/Accidental Suicide/Red Sky
Side 2: Nature’s Disappearing/Television Eye/High Pressure Living/The Law’s Must Change

16. Medicine Head (Polydor Special 2384 069) 1975
[Compilation – tracks from the albums "Dark Side Of The Moon" (1972), "One & One Is One" (1973) and "Thru' A Five" (1974)]
Side 1: Rising Sun/How Does It Feel/ Kum On/Out On The Street/The Seasons & The Signs/Indian Queen
Side 2: Cajun Kick/Slip And Slide/All The Fallen Teenangles/Only To Do What Is True/White Dove/Another Lay/Sittin' In The Sun/ One & One Is One

17. Pink Fairies (Polydor Special 2384 071) 1975
Side 1: The Snake/City Kids/Wargirl/Portobello Shuffle/Heavenly Man/Do It/Pigs Of Uranus
Side 2: Well Well Well/Chromium Plating/I Went Up, I Went Down/Say You Love Me/Street Urchin

18. Rare Bird (Polydor Special 2384 078) 1977
[Compilation – tracks from the albums, “Epic Forest” (1972), “Somebody’s Watching” (1973) and “Born Again” (1974)]
Side 1: Body And Soul/Epic Forest/Passing Through/Diamonds/Turn Your Head/
Side 2: Don't Be Afraid/Hey Man/Reaching You/Hard Time/Redman/Somebody's Watching

19. Stone The Crows (Polydor Special 2482 279) 1976 release
[Featured Maggie Bell, Jim Dewar, Jimmy McCulloch]
[Compilation – tracks from the albums “Stone The Crows” (1970), “Ode To John Law” (1970), “Teenage Licks” (1971) and “Ontinuous Performance” (1972 – deliberately spelt without the ‘c’)]
Side 1: Big Jim Salter/Love 74/Touch Of Your Loving Hand/Sad Mary/Good Time Girl
Side 2: On The Highway/Mr. Wizard/Sunset Cowboy/Raining in Your Heart/Seven Lakes

20. Taste (Polydor Special 2384 076) 1977
[Compilation – tracks from the albums “Taste” (1969), “On The Boards” (1970) and “Live Taste” (1971)]
Side 1: Blister On The Moon/Railway And Gun/Hail/Leaving Blues/Sinner Boy/Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
Side 2: Same Old Story/If I Don’t Sing I’ll Cry/Gamblin’ Blues/Morning Sun/Sugar Mama/Eat My Words

21. The Velvet Underground (MGM Special 2354 033) 1976
[Compilation – Label miscredits “I’m Set Free” as I’m So Free”]
Side 1: White Light-White Heat/What Goes On/Venus In Furs/That's The Story Of My Life/Here She Comes Now/Beginning To See The Light/Jesus
Side 2: Run Run Run/Some Kinda Love/The Gift/I'm Set Free/I Heard Her Call My Name

22. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (Verve Standard 2352 057)
[Compilation – Contains tracks from “Freak Out!” (1967), edits from "We're Only In It For The Money" (1968), two single-only tracks (“Why Don’t You Do Me Right” and “Big Leg Emma”), “Absolutely Free” (1967), “Lumpy Gravy” (1968) and “Cruising With Ruben & The Jets” (1969). “Excerpt From Lumpy Gravy” on Side 1 is credited to The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra]
Side 1: Why Don't You Do Me Right/Who Needs The Peace Corps/Concentration Moon/Mom & Dad/Bow Tie Daddy/Harry, You're A Beast/What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?/Absolutely Free/Cheap Thrills/Excerpt From Lumpy Gravy/Wowie Zowie
Side 2: Flower Punk/Later That Night/Let's Make The Water Turn Black/Lonely Little Girl/Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance/What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (Reprise)/America Drinks/Status Back Baby/Uncle Bernie's Farm/Son Of Suzy Cream Cheese/Big Leg Emma

23. Various – Medium Rare (Polydor Special 2482 381) 1977
Side 1:
1. “Crackers” by FOCUS [exclusive mix, 1975]
2. “Come To The Sunshine” by VAN DYKE PARKS
[Non-Album A-Side of a USA 7" single on MGM Records 13570, 1966]
3. “When Can I Come Home?” by LEE DORSEY
[Non-Album A-Side of a USA 7" single on Polydor 14147, 1972]
4. “Trees” by GALLAGHER and LYLE
[Non-Album A of their debut 7” single on Polydor BM 56170 from 1967]
[A-side of their 4th UK 7” single on Track Records 2094 003 from 1970]
6. “Daddy Daddy” by BIRDS BIRDS
[Non-Album B-side of the 1966 ultra-rare 7” single on Reaction 591 005; contains members of BIRDS and GODS, tie-ins with THE CREATION, Ronnie WOOD of FACES and STONES, URIAH HEEP…]
7. “Man Of Constant Sorrow” by GINGER BAKER’S AIR FORCE
[UK 7” single version on Polydor 56380 from 1970]
8. “Foxfire” by BOBBY THOMPSON

Side 2:
1. “On Your Way Down” by LEE DORSEY
[Non-Album A-side of a USA 7" single on Polydor 14181, 1973]
2. “O Avondrood” by FOCUS
(the track “Red Sky At Night” from the “Ship Of Memories” compilation from 1977, but with Dutch Lyrics instead of English)
3. “Number Nine” by VAN DYKE PARKS
[Non-Album A of his debut 7” single on MGM Records MGM 1301 from 1968]
4. “Sarah’s Crazy Child” by JOHN’S CHILDREN [pre T.REX]
[B-Side of the ultra-rare withdrawn UK 7" single "Midsummer Night's Scene" on Track 604 005, 1967] £4000.00 Plus
5. “In The Crowd” by GALLAGHER and LYLE
(Non-Album B of their debut 7” single on Polydor BM 56170 from 1967)
6. “More Tea Vicar” by MAINHORSE [featuring PATRICK MORAZ of YES]
[from the 1971 "Mainhorse" LP on Polydor]
7. “Freedom For The Stallion” by LEE DORSEY
[A-side to a UK 7” single on Mojo 2093 009 from 1972]
8. “Devil Dance” by BOBBY THOMPSON

24. Various – Rare Tracks (Polydor Special 2482 274) 1976
[Compilation of mostly rare 7" single releases; Record Collector Price Guide Value for 2010 issue follows after each entry]
1. Love Makes Sweet Music by THE SOFT MACHINE
[Non-Album A-Side of their debut UK 7” single on Polydor 56151 from 1967] £150.00
2. Anyone For Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme) by CREAM
[A-side of their 4th UK 7” single on Polydor 56258 from 1968] £10.00
3. To Fly Away by KEVIN GODLEY
[Exclusive track to the label sampler “Marmalade –100% Proof” from 1969 on Marmalade 643 314] £15.00
[Non-Album A-Side of their Debut UK 7” single on Track 604 020, 1967] £75.00
5. You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet by LINDA LEWIS
[A-Side of her debut UK 7” single on Polydor 56173, 1967] £80.00
6. Sunshine Day by JETHRO TOE
(Non-Album A-side from 1968 of their Debut 7” single on MGM Records 1384 – Jethro Tull, miscredited as Jethro Toe) £500.00
[A-Side of his 2nd UK 7” single on Polydor 56175, 1967] £18.00
8. Zoot Suit by THE HIGH NUMBERS
[Non-Album A-side of THE WHO’s debut UK 7” single on Fontana TF 480 from 1964] £500.00
9. I'm Gettin' Tired (Of Drinkin' And Gamblin' Etcetera) by JACK BRUCE
[Non-Album A-Side of his debut UK 7” single on Polydor BM 56036, 1965] £70.00

Side 2:
1. Rootin’ Tootin’ by JACK BRUCE
[Non-Album B-Side of his debut UK 7” single on Polydor BM 56036, 1965] £70.00
[ELTON JOHN as Reg Dwight]
[Non-Album B-side of their only UK 7” single “Since I Found You Baby” on Polydor 56195, 1967] £300.00
3. Aeroplane by JETHRO TOE
(Non-Album B-side from 1968 of their Debut 7” single on MGM Records MGM 1384 – Jethro Tull, miscredited as Jethro Toe) £500
4. Desdemona by JOHN'S CHILDREN [Marc Bolan of T.Rex]
[A-Side of their 3rd UK 7” single on Track 603 003, 1967] £125.00
5. Take My Advice by SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE [unreleased at the time]
6. Dolly Dagger by JIMI HENDRIX [1970 recording, unreleased at the time]
7. Ain’t That Just Too Bad by ALEX HARVEY AND HIS SOUL BAND
[A-Side of his 3rd UK 7" Single on Polydor BM 56017, 1965] £45.00
8. Feelin’ Reelin’ Squeelin’ by THE SOFT MACHINE
[Non-Album B-side to to their Debut 7” single on Polydor 56151 from 1967) £150.00

PS: see also listing for "Pop History" series of double-albums on Polydor out of Germany - separate blog