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EDDIE COCHRAN USA 7” singles Discography - referencing the Bear Family “Somethin’ Else” 2009 8CD Box Set.

EDDIE COCHRAN USA 7” singles Discography
with Bear Family “Somethin’ Else” 2009 8CD Box Set track references
(e.g. 1/10 is Disc 1 Track 10 and so on)

[Eddie and Hank Cochran – not related nor brothers]
1. Mr. Fiddle b/w Two Blue Sing Stars
(Ekko 1003, June 1955)
[A is 1/8 – B is 1/9]

2. Guilty Conscience b/w Your Tomorrow Never Comes
(Ekko 1005, July 1955)
[A is 1/10 – B is 1/11]

3. Tired And Sleepy b/w Fool’s Paradise
(Ekko 3001, May 1956)
[A is 1/18 – B is 1/19]

4. Skinny Jim b/w Half Loved
(Crest 1026, July 1956)
[A is 2/1 – B is 2/2]
(Note: there is another overdubbed version of the A “Skinny Jim” on the 1962 UK LP “Cherished Memories” on Liberty LBY 1109 and there are 4 takes of the B-side “Half Loved” too – all are on this Bear Family Box)

5. Sittin’ In The Balcony b/w Dark Lonely Street
(Liberty F-55056, February 1957)
[A is 2/7 - B is 1/31]

6. Mean When I’m Mad b/w One Kiss
[with the Johnnie Mann Singers]
(Liberty F-55070, May 1957)
[A is 2/8 – B is 2/9]
(Note: this is the only Cochran US single issued in a picture sleeve during his lifetime; it’s extremely rare and commands $1000+)

7. Drive In Show b/w Am I Blue
[with the Johnny Mann Orchestra & Chorus]
(Liberty F-55087, July 1957)
[A is 2/12 – B is 2/10]

8. Twenty Flight Rock b/w Cradle Baby
[with Johnny Mann Orchestra & Chorus]
(Liberty F-55112, November 1957)
[A is 2/18 – B is 2/11]
(A-side is Version 2; Version 1 is on his July 1958 debut British LP “Singin’ To My Baby”, London HA-U 2093 and also UK 7” single HL-U 8386 – it’s 1/28)

9. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie b/w Pocketful Of Hearts
(Liberty F-55123, January 1958)
[A is 2/26 – B is 2/24]
(Note: the A is in MONO, but there is another take without the guitar overdub on the box in STEREO – it’s 5/7)

10. Pretty Girl b/w Teresa
(Liberty F-55138, May 1958)
[A is 2/25 – B is 2/28]
(Note: A is an exclusive mix to the USA; there is a different version on the UK 7” single London HL-G 9464 – it’s 4/6. The box set also contains a 2-track Stereo version of the song on 5/5 with a further 3-track Stereo version with overdubs on 5/13)

11. Summertime Blues b/w Love Again
(Liberty F-55144, July 1958)
[A is 2/30 – B is 2/33]
(Note: the British ‘A’ on London HL-U 8702 is a different mix to the US version – it’s 4/1)

12. C’mon Everybody b/w Don’t Ever Let Me Go
(Liberty F-55166, October 1958)
[A is 3/6 – B is 3/5]
(Note: the A is known as the “Speeded Up” version, but there’s also a STEREO version with guitar overdub and running at the correct speed on the UK-only 1984 LP “Portrait Of A Legend” on Rockstar RSR LP 1008 – it’s 4/2)

13. Teenage Heaven b/w I Remember
(Liberty F-55177, February 1959)
[A is 3/8 – B is 3/9]

14. Somethin’ Else b/w Boll Weevil Song
(Liberty F-55203, July 1959)
[A is 3/17 – B is 3/18]

15. Hallelujah, I Love Her So b/w Little Angel
(Liberty F-55217, November 1959)
[A is on 3/26 – B is on 3/25]
(Note: A is a Ray Charles cover and the spelling of it doesn’t use an exclamation mark as his original did at the end of the word Hallelujah, but a comma. There’s two further versions of “Hallelujah…” – an echoed version with strings which first appeared on the UK’s 1980 4LP box set “20th Anniversary Album” on United Artists ECSP 20 (4/10) and a STEREO version on the UK-only 1984 LP “Portrait Of A Legend” on Rockstar RSR LP 1008 (5/10).
There are 10 versions of the B-side “Little Angel” – the master (3/25) is an overdubbed version of Take 10. The other versions are Take 1, 3, 5, 6 9 and 2 further version of 10 – all are on this box. Also worthy of note is that another version of Take 10 of “Little Angel” (5/11) is exclusive to the Bear Family set – it’s a different STEREO cut to the one that appeared on the Rockstar LP of 1984 (5/9))

16. Three Steps To Heaven b/w Cut Across Shorty
(Liberty F-55242, March 1960)
[A is on 3/32 – B is on 3/33]
(Note: the A-side is Version 2 in Mono - a Version 1 in MONO and Version 2 in STEREO both appeared on the UK’s 1980 4LP box set “20th Anniversary Album” on United Artists ECSP 20 – they’re on this box as 3/16 and 5/2 respectively.

The B-side master for “Cut Across Shorty” is a ‘speeded-up’ version of Take 21 – however, the ‘correct speed’ version of Take 21 also appeared on the UK’s 1980 2LP set “20th Anniversary Album”, while a STEREO version of the take appeared on the UK-only 1984 LP “Portrait Of A Legend” on Rockstar RSR LP 1008 - they’re also on this box as 4/9 and 5/3)

17. Lonely b/w Sweetie Pie
(Liberty F-55278, August 1960)
[A is on 2/32 – B is on 2/23]
(Note: there is a second version of the A-side with overdubs available on the 1962 USA LP “Never To Be Forgotten” on Liberty LRP 3220 – it’s 4/22)

18. Weekend b/w Lonely
(Liberty F-55389, December 1961)
[A is 3/14 – B is on 2/32]
(Note: there is a STEREO version of “Weekend” on the UK-only 1984 LP “Portrait Of A Legend” on Rockstar RSR LP 1008 – it’s 5/12. “Lonely” is as per the A entry for number 17)

NOTES: There were many re-issues throughout the rest of the Sixties and onwards in the USA, but they were more of what went before. It should be noted though that this was NOT the case in the UK where new and unreleased Cochran material was issued by both EMI and the ROCKSTAR label (specializing in both Cochran and Gene Vincent). These are covered in a separate posting following this - see UK 7” singles discography…

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