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+ FOURS - The 12" Single Series (PLUS FOURS). A Discography of the ABC Records Series of 12" Singles Issued 1977 in the UK only.

A Discography of the ABC Records 12” single series from 1977 in the UK. They were distributed by ANCHOR Records, each had 4 Tracks per release (well known hits - some rarities), they played at 45 RPM and usually retailed at 99p. They were referred to as "+ Fours" or "Plus Fours" or simply "Four Tracks From..." The track lists are taken from the 12" singles themselves and the release dates (after the catalogue numbers) are from a Music Master 1979 Industry Catalogue.

1. ACE (ABC Records ABE 12005) [August 1977]
Side 1: How Long/Sniffin’ About
Side 2: No Future In Your Eyes/You’re All That I Need

2. ALICE COOPER (Anchor Records ANE 12001) [June 1977]
Side 1: Welcome To My Nightmare/Department Of Youth
Side 2: Black Widow/Only Women Bleed

3. THE CRUSADERS (ABC Records ABE 12013) [November 1977]
Side 1: Put It Where You Want It/Stomp & Buck Dance
Side 2: Keep That Same Old Feeling/Chain Reaction

4. ISAAC HAYES (ABC Records ABE 12007) [August 1977]
Side 1: Disco Connection/Chocolate Chip
Side 2: Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)/Groove-A-Thon

5. JAMES GANG featuring JOE WALSH (ABC Records ABE 12010) [October 1977]
Side 1: Funk 48/The Bomber (a) Closet Queen (b) Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Side 2: Woman/Funk 49

6. MAMAS and PAPAS (ABC Records ABE 12006) [June 1977]
Side 1: Monday Monday/Dedicated To The One I Love
Side 2: California Dreaming/Creeque Alley

7. DAVE MASON (ABC Records ABE 12009) [October 1977]
Side 1: Only You Know And I Know/Can’t Stop Worrying, Can’t Stop Loving
Side 2: Pearly Queen/World In Changes

8. THE POINTER SISTERS (ABC Records ABE 12012) [November 1977]
Side 1: How Long/Going Down Slowly
Side 2: Yes We Can Can/You’ve Gotta Believe

9. POCO (ABC Records ABE 12011) [November 1977]
Side 1: Rose Of Cimarron/Keep On Tryin’
Side 2: Indian Summer/Staring At The Sky

10. LLOYD PRICE (ABC Records ABE 12015) [December 1977]
Side 1: Stagger Lee (1958)/Personality (1960)
Side 2: Just Because (1957)/Where Were You On Our Wedding Day

11. RUFUS featuring CHAKA KHAN (ABC Records ABE 12004) [October 1977]
Side 1: Tell Me Something Good/Once You Get Started
Side 2: You Got The Love/Dance With Me

12. STEELY DAN (ABC Records ABE 12003) [December 1977]
Side 1: Do It Again/Dallas
Side 2: Haitian Divorce/Sail The Waterway
["Dallas" and "Sail The Waterway" was the 1st UK 7" single for STEELY DAN on Probe Records PRO 562 in September 1972. It preceded the UK release of their debut album "Can't Buy A Thrill" (released Sept 1972 in the USA, January 1973 in the UK).
However, neither track appeared on the debut when it was released and neither has been on any album since. With no official CD release of either song (as of Jan 2011), and outside of the original 7" single which is hard to find, this UK vinyl 12” single is one of the few places to find these two rare tracks.

13. STEPPENWOLF (ABC Records ABE 12008) [August 1977]
Side 1: Born To Be Wild/Sookie Sookie
Side 2: Magic Carpet Ride/The Pusher

14. JOE WALSH (ABC Records ABE 12002) [June 1977]
Side 1: Rocky Mountain Way/Turn To Stone [1974 “So What” Version]
Side 2: Meadows/Walk Away [Live]

15. DON WILLIAMS (ABC Records ABE 12014) [December 1977]
Side 1: Amanda/I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Side 2: You're My Best Friend/In The Shelter Of Your Eyes

+ FOURS - Numerical Order
12001 – see ALICE COOPER
12002 – see JOE WALSH
12003 – see STEELY DAN
12004 – see RUFUS featuring CHAKA KHAN
12005 – see ACE
12006 – see MAMAS and PAPAS
12007 – see ISAAC HAYES
12008 – see STEPPENWOLF
12009 – see DAVE MASON
12010 – see JAMES GANG featuring JOE WALSH
12011 – see POCO
12013 – see THE CRUSADERS
12014 - see DON WILLIAMS
12015 - see LLOYD PRICE

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